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Flame Retardant

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  1. Spray Container 1 Litre

    Spray Container 1 Litre

    RRP Price: £3.10

    Special Price £2.47

    1Ltr Spray Cont Learn More
  2. Brodie & Middleton Flamebar S1WA2

    Brodie & Middleton Flamebar S1WA2

    Starting at: £11.52

    For lightweight cotton, textiles and paper. Learn More
  3. Brodie & Middleton Flamebar PE6

    Brodie & Middleton Flamebar PE6

    Starting at: £12.65

    Natural Fabrics & Materials: Cotton, Linen, Muslin, Rayon, Wool, Silk, Feathers, Animal Skins Synthetic textiles: Polyester, Nylon, Acrylics, Dralon, Suede,. Polycotton, Silk & Artificial Silk (Rayon) Flowers, Carpets, Wall Coverings, Curtains, Seating, Mattress Cover, Foam, Stage Curtains, Drapes & Scenery. Learn More
  4. Brodie & Middleton Flamebar S3

    Brodie & Middleton Flamebar S3

    Starting at: £12.41

    Natural materials: Cotton, Hessian, Rope, Sisal, Woven Cotton Tapes & Belts, Canvas Welding Screens, Tarpaulins, Tent Canvas, Lighter Weight Cardboard. Flamebar S3 can be diluted with 1 to 2 volumes of water for thin materials. Learn More
  5. Flamebar N5

    Brodie & Middleton Flamebar N5

    Starting at: £12.17

    Brodie & Middleton Flamebar N5

    Wood and wood products: For heavy materials. Softwood, Hardwood, Plywood, Chipboard, Weyrocboard, Hardboard, Insulation Board, Heavyweight Cardboard, Industrial Belting, Stage Wood Props, Exhibition Boards, Polyurethane foams, Polystyrene Foam Tiles, Wood Fibre & Shavings, Peat, Bark, Vacuum Impregnation Of Wood, Straw.

    Learn More

5 Item(s)

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